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Derby Folk Weekend Tickets

With being in The Old Bell Hotel this year, our capacity is limited for all events.

We have a very small number of weekend passes available, which give access to all 7 concerts in the Old Bell.

Each of the 7 concerts is also available as a stand-alone event (each one featuring two fantastic acts) so you can choose your own weekend of music. There are TWO prices for both Weekend tickets, and also stand-alone concerts… The standard price is the one that reflects the costs of the artists, the event, infrastructure, staffing, advertising etc., and allows us to (still, hopefully!) cover costs and build reserves for the future. We’d really appreciate this being the price you choose to pay. The lower price is a few pounds less, and if you need to use that price, we understand. You get exactly the same show, seats, and entertainment – but, we don’t get to put anything aside for the future. It’s as simple and honest as that!

Derby Folk Weekend 2024 is being organised by a number of friends working across three organisations; Bob On Arts, FOLK3D and Furthest From The Sea. Huge amounts of time are being put into the event, and we’ve had some great support from venues and organisations, but with a change in the “operating model” in 2023, we really need to continue to build up funds to enable us to cover some of the expenses this year, and to help us plan for the following years.

If you are able to make any level of donation it really would help, and be hugely appreciated by all of the team.