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A man, Blair Dunlop, sitting on steps

Blair Dunlop

An award-winning British singer-songwriter and guitarist, who has released 5 albums 2 eps and toured in Europe and Australia, appearing at festivals such as Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival in the UK, and Port Fairy and Woodford in Australia.

Visit their website: Blair Dunlop

Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews

Doug (voice, melodeon) and Sarah (voice, fiddle, viola) use their natural, expressive musicality to craft their arrangements with style and intuitive elegance. As well as drawing on some of the finest English folk song repertoire to sing in breathtaking harmony, they play English and European dance music in outstanding instrumentals and beautifully flowing tune sets.

Visit their website: Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews

two people with fiddle and melodeon, laughing

A person, Frankie Archer, blowing seeds from a hand

Frankie Archer

Frankie Archer creates her own imaginative and bold mash of electro-alt-folk using fiddle, electronics and voice. Listening to Frankie Archer’s music you will hear her Northumbrian fiddle roots, her deep love of electronic music and her immersion in soulful folk songs from the North East of England and around the world.

Visit their website: Frankie Archer

Jim Moray

Jim “shook the folk world” 20 years ago with a digitally-driven approach to traditional music and the release of his debut album Sweet England. He’s continued on a career that is filled with imagination, invention and wonderful music.

Visit their website: Jim Moray

A person, Jim Moray, with a fish on a plate

A person, Katie Spencer, sitting on a sofa

Katie Spencer

Katie’s songwriting, and most notably her guitar playing stems from a time when the steel-stringed instrument was truly finding its voice. Artists like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and perhaps most evidently Michael Chapman, flow into her sound, carrying with them the warmth and idealism of the early 70’s folk and songwriter movements.

Visit their website: Katie Spencer

Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick

Expanding on the tradition of fiddle/banjo duets, award winning multi instrumentalists Kieran and Charlotte combine their thorough knowledge of Appalachian folk music to create a new take on old time and contemporary string band styles. Expect breakneck fiddle tunes, lyrical banjo playing and occasional glimpses of Charlotte’s Bluegrass prowess when she picks up a mandolin or guitar. Add in some old songs with sweet vocal harmonies and you have the complete package.

Visit their website: Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick

Two people jumping, one with a banjo, one with a fiddle

3 musicians, the band -Leveret - with melodeon, concertina and fiddle


A unique collaboration between three of England’s finest folk musicians. Andy Cutting, Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron – each regarded as exceptional performers and masters of their instruments. Together their performances combine consummate musicianship, compelling delivery and captivating spontaneity. Leveret’s music is not arranged in the conventional sense and instead they rely on mutual trust, listening and responding. Their playing is relaxed and natural, drawing audiences in and inviting them to share in music making that is truly spontaneous and yet deeply timeless.

Visit their website: Leveret

Maddie Morris

Maddie is an artist who strives to make a difference in the world. Bold, insightful and refreshingly unique, she takes traditional song in new directions to shine a light on contemporary issues, offering new perspectives about the world we live in today. After graduating with a first-class honours degree from Leeds Conservatoire, Maddie soon made waves by winning the 2019 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, as well as landing a grant from the Alan Surtees Trust. From these firm foundations, her career has gone from strength to strength, with recent performances including Cropredy and Cambridge Folk Festival.

Visit their website: Maddie Morris

A person, Maddie Morris, standing in front of a graffiti painted wall

Two people, the band Old Spot, with fiddle and banjo

Old Spot

Rowan Piggott & Joe Danks were introduced in 2021 and bonded over a shared passion for Old Time Appalachian music. An initial campsite session turned into living room jams, sharing lifts to sessions and ultimately the creation of Old Spot. ​Expect foot stomping old-time music on 5-string fiddle, banjo, gourd banjo & guitar. Old Spot sees two musicians from different backgrounds exploring a shared musical love, creating traditional music that is bursting with joy and imagination

Visit their website: Old Spot


Tarren are an ambassador for high quality, English Folk music. Through the incorporation of minimalist musical forms into traditional-inspired material, Tarren are producing music that draws the listener in, weaving intricate themes throughout tunes and songs that have the pulse of traditional dance at its heart.

Tarren is made up of Bristol-based artists Sid Goldsmith (Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith, Awake Arise), Alex Garden (The Drystones, Harriet Riley & Alex Garden) and Danny Pedler (Pedler // Russell). They combine cittern and concertina, fiddle, and accordion to create their music.

Visit their website: Tarren

three musicians - Tarren - sitting in a line

Two musicians - The Magpies - smiling

The Magpies (Duo)

Two accomplished musicians in their own right; guitarist, banjo player and singer Bella Gaffney and fiddle player Holly Brandon have come together for an exciting new duo project. Bella and Holly both perform with sought-after transatlantic folk band The Magpies, who have been performing to rapt audiences at sold out shows and festivals around the UK, including Glastonbury, Cambridge, Larmer Tree and Shambala and have been described as ‘making waves wherever they play’ (Phil Beer, Show of Hands).
Based on a deep musical friendship, Bella and Holly collaborate and arrange material led by strong harmonies and glittering instrumentals, drawing on a wide-range of influences to create a contemporary transatlantic sound.

Visit their website: The Magpies


Threaded are an acoustic trio that create and perform original instrumentals and self-penned songs, inspired by world folk culture and re-imagined for a contemporary audience. They are the ‘impressive talent’ (Folk Radio UK), of Jamie Rutherford (guitar/lead vocals), Ning- ning Li (violin/vocals) and Rosie Rutherford (clarinet/vocals). From foot-stomping jigs to poignant ayres and soulful songs, Threaded’s set is full to the brim of energy, emotion, passion and reflection, delivered with an outstanding level of musicianship.

Visit their website: Threaded

Three musicians - Threaded - standing on moorland with a forest behind them

Trish & Mark Kerrison, with Fi Fraser

Bringing their brand new stage show “From Como Boy to Coram Girl” to Derby, Trish and Mark have brought in Fi Fraser to add to the musical depth.

The story is of “war, work and love – travels through the Industrial Revolution”, and tells of the life and times of a family; refugees, lacemakers and iron founders from Italy to Nottingham.

Winter Wilson

Having become part of what we see as Derby’s “festival family”, Kip and Dave are obviously back with us again this year. They’ll be appearing at various points during the festival, but wherever you see them, we’re confident you’ll be delighted, and wonderfully entertained.

Visit their website: Winter Wilson

Winter Wilson - artist image