Lockdown Update

14 April 2020

We hope you’re all keeping safe in these strange and difficult lockdown times.

The festival is still on, as it satnds, and we’re continuing with all of our plans. Information changes daily, but we’re keeping fingers well and truly crossed.

We’re really hopeful that we’ll be able to put all of the events on as planned, as we’re a smaller festival these days. We use city centre venues; and hope we’ll all be able to get out by the time October comes. With that in mind, remember that tickets are still on sale! Your support would be hugely appreciated… if anything changes, we’d obviously reschedule things, or refund as appropriate.

Our thoughts go out to all of our friends who have had to cancel tours and festivals. It’s really tough to make those decisions, but we know you’ll all be back stronger, and safer in the future. We’re sending much folk love x

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