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We’ll add more questions (and answers!) as we go along, so please do check back. If your question isn’t listed, please get in touch with us.

For general festival questions, email us at

For ticketing , please contact the Box Office on or 01332 255800

Frequently Asked Questions…

Where can I buy tickets?

From Derby LIVE Box Office. Available on their website or by calling 01332 255800

Can I just come to an individual concert?

This year we’ve got a different format to usual. With all of the concerts being in the Old Bell Hotel, we’ve made them individual events, so you can buy whichever you choose. There is a limited capacity, which includes Weekend passes, and individual tickets.

Are the venues all accessible?

Yes, all have level access entrances available, and all have accessible toilet facilities.

Why are there two prices for each ticket?

We’ve set prices at two levels to allow us to cover costs whilst trying to make the festival affordable. The higher price is the amount we feel the concert (or weekend) is “worth” when compared to other events, and includes a donation to support the festival. We’d be delighted if that was the price you chose to use… We do understand that there are plenty of reasons why you can’t though, so we’ve also set a lower price to make each event more financially accessible (and this can be used for under 16s etc.)