Artist: Bob Fox

Bob Fox - image by Graham Whitmore

He’s been with us quite a numbers of times, and never fails to impress, and entertain whether on stage, or off!

Bob is so well known, and so well loved, that he probably needs very little introduction. His career has spanned over forty years, and all began in 1975… After spending 5 years as a floor singer around the many folk clubs in the North East of England as well as being a resident singer at the famous Davylamp Folk Club in Washington, Bob Fox met fellow North Easterner Tom McConville and his career as a professional folk singer/musician began.

There followed 35 years of fabulous music, and wonderful performances, both solo, and in fine collaborations…

Bob was enjoying great popularity as a solo artist and having much fun touring as a duo with Billy. The new “Pitmen Poets” were all set to take the scene by storm when a meeting with John Tams changed his life completely!

Bob was doing a solo gig at The Spanker Inn, Nether Heage (Tam’s home village) 1st July 2011 and John arrived at the gig late and they chatted on long after the gig was over during which time John suggested that Bob would be an ideal “Songman” in the National Theatre’s production of WarHorse in the West End.

3 months later Bob was rehearsing in London with the new cast and travelling up and down to the North to fulfill Pitme Poets gigs. He opened in the New London Theatre as “Songman” in October 2011!!

He’s been busy in that amazing role for a number of years, and it’s great to find time for him to come back to see us in Derby.

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