Artist Update – Bob Fox no longer appearing

After a number of conversations, and a considerable amount of deliberation, we’re really sorry to say that Bob Fox will no longer be able to join us for this year’s festival as planned.

Bob had agreed to make a special return trip from a pre-booked stay in Crete in order to be with us for this year’s festival – and of course, we’d booked all of that in when we thought that the world would be running smoothly in the autumn!  At this stage, travel is already complicated enough, but when you’re trying to do it for a single day’s visit and need to fit in a 48-hour second covid test it becomes particularly difficult. Alongside the added pressures, and costs of trying to negotiate the issues, we’d also have the increased risk of something not quite going to plan which could jeopardise the performance at the last minute.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly, and Bob is genuinely devastated not to be with us this year, particularly as we were celebrating Mick Peat’s life in the Concert for Mick. However, we’ve had to take a practical and pragmatic view on the situation, and all agreed that sadly, this is the right action to take.

We’ve already agreed that Bob will be back with us in 2022 though – so this is a postponement of his appearance, rather than a cancellation!

Having discussed how we might fill Bob’s place (and his wine glass when we next see him…), we’re delighted to welcome Rare Occasion to the festival stage.  They were with us for the 2020 Festival At Home, where they gave us a wonderful performance, so it’s going to be great to see them in Derby Cathedral on Saturday afternoon. The band features: Judy Dunlop’s rich voice and wicked sense of humour; Jon Scaife’s mastery of fine arrangements for guitar & cittern; Nigel Corbett’s rich and tasteful fiddle playing – and they really are great to see and hear!

Rare Occasion performing The Sheffield Grinders (recorded during lockdown)