Events in Guildhall Theatre


Dreaming The Night Field

7:30pm — 9:10pm

Dreaming The Night Field: A Legend of Wales Honour, justice, magic and transformation collide in this spellbinding new storytelling and music performance which evokes the ancient Welsh legend of The Fourth Branch of The Mabinogion. Gwydion, nephew to the King, a magician and storyteller, provokes a war between North and South Wales and unleashes a […]
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The Lost Will and Testament of Jake Thackray

12:30pm — 1:30pm

John Watterson has performed the songs of Jake Thackray at festivals, concerts, clubs, after dinner venues and – most specially – to members of Jake’s family. Jake’s songs are exquisitely funny, satirical, incisive, irreverent, witty and gloriously un-PC – and sometimes all of these at the same time. Jake was a one off, his poetry […]
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Guildhall Sat Afternoon

3:30pm — 4:30pm

A concert with a duo who have graced the Guildhall’s stage in the past (at an EFDSS Folk Rising concert) – this will be a beautifully sounding event…
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Guildhall Sat Evening

6:15pm — 7:15pm

Another duo in the Guildhall, and again, we’re thrilled to have them with us… It’s not a superlative to say, this will be another fabulous event!
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Guildhall Sunday Lunch

12:45pm — 1:45pm

A concert in the company of Kim, and the Greenwood… we know you’ll love this one.
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Guildhall Teatime

4:15pm — 6pm

Both of this afternoon’s acts will have performed elsewhere in the day in other venues – here’s a chance to catch them in the same concert, in the wonderful Guildhall Theatre.
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