Thursday Night Special

8pm — 10:30pm

A special "add-on" concert featuring Zulu Tradition, and Gary Stewart's Graceland. Individual event tickets are needed for this concert.
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Sinfonia Viva: Forever Folk

7:30pm — 9pm

An orchestral concert performed by SInfonia Viva. Included in Weekend tickets, or Friday evening tickets. Individual concert tickets are also available for this event.
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Friday Night is Made in Derbyshire

7pm — 10:45pm

Our opening concert featuring Cupola, John Tams & Barry Coope and the Lucy Ward Band. Included in Weekend tickets, or Friday evening tickets.
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Late Night Ceilidh Bop

With a mix of called dances, and opportunities to dance however you like, the event will feature DanceCupola playing some great tunes. Included in Weekend tickets, or Friday evening tickets.
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Bluegrass in the City

11:30am — 12:30pm

Featuring Midnight Skyracer. Included in Weekend tickets, or Saturday Day / Eve tickets.
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Cathedral Saturday Lunchtime

12:30pm — 2:30pm

Featuring Winter Wilson and Oka Vanga. Included in Weekend tickets, or Saturday Day / Eve tickets.
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Keith, Sylvia & Friends…

12:30pm — 2:15pm

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham, and some invited friends. Included in Weekend tickets, or Saturday Day / Eve tickets.
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Guildhall Sat Afternoon

12:30pm — 1:30pm

Featuring Dan McKinnon. Included in Weekend tickets, or Saturday Day / Eve tickets.
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No Petticoats Here

4pm — 5:15pm

Award winning singer, songwriter and musician Louise Jordan shares the stories of inspirational women who challenged expectations through original song and storytelling. From the woman who dressed as a soldier on the Western Front to the women football players banned by the FA, the ambulance drivers running the gauntlet of enemy fire in Flanders and […]
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Sheffield Made

2:30pm — 4:15pm

Join Melrose Quartet as they put together a really special concert where they’ll play as their quartet, as their duos of Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, and Richard & Jess Arrowsmith, and also with some special guests that they’re bringing along!
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Cathedral Saturday Teatime

4:30pm — 6:30pm

“Everyone is welcome” in Derby Cathedral, and we know lots of you will want to join us for the great concerts again this year. This one begins with the delightful accapela trio that is The Heartless Tarts, and closes with a superb duo – Sally Barker & Brooks Williams  
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Village Folk Clubrooms

4:30pm — 7pm

Curated by Village Folk - featuring Harp and a Monkey.
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Guildhall Sat Evening

6:15pm — 7:15pm

We were really taken by this performer when we were introduced to her music… superb playing and singing – we know you’ll love her too!
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Saturday Night Marquee

7:15pm — 10:45pm

The final concert of Saturday is always a great occasion, and we’ve got an amazing line up again this year! Timings are as follows – three full sets, and a bit of time in between to refresh yourselves… 19:15 – 20:00   Tom McConville Band 20:15 – 21:15   Steve Tilston (with Hugh Bradley) 21:30 – […]
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Saturday Late Night at The Bell

10:30pm — 11:45pm

We hope you’ve got plenty of stamina, as this will be a fantastic way to finish your day… They’re from the land locked centre of the country, but you’ll be dancing like a pirate on the end of a plank by the end of the night!
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Derby Cathedral Eucharist Service

10:45am — 12pm

We’re delighted that again, this year, Derby Cathedral have really got behind the festival with support, enthusiasm, and music… Derby Cathedral’s usual 10.45am Eucharist service is filled with centuries-old singing with sometimes delicate, sometimes thundering organ accompaniment. Why not pop by and enjoy the Cathedral Choir singing a great traditional service, through which a folk-music […]
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Sunday Marquee Curtain Raiser

11:30am — 12:30pm

They blew us all away last year in the Guildhall Theatre, so we’re thrilled to have Kim and the band back with us again this year – kicking off the Sunday in the marquee
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Guildhall Sunday Lunch

12:30pm — 2pm

Following an opening set from a special guest, we’re very excited to bring The Willows to the Guildhall Theatre for a great concert.
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Sunday Specials

2pm — 4:15pm

Sunday afternoons are made for listening to fantastic music (well, they are during a festival!), and we’re confident this will be a great concert… A superb duo set from Greg and Ciaran, followed by a fab trio led by the fabulous Daoiri Farell.
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Guildhall Teatime

4:15pm — 6pm

We’ll kick things off with a wonderful opening set from a special guest, and then there’s a full performance from an act that we’ve loved for years – Lady Maisery!
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Sunday Night Marquee

6:15pm — 8:30pm

The festival will close with a concert that will have you dancing in your seats or on your feet – and as our tradition has it, we’ll send you on our way with a “flyer-flower” in your hands and the words of “Rolling Home” in your head and on your lips! Two superb acts, that […]
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