Derby Ceilidhs – Festival Ceilidh with Outlandish Knights

7:30pm — 11pm

Derby Ceilidhs put on some great dances in the city, and last year, as we were lacking in space to put in a big dance event of our own, we asked them if they’d like to get involved and organise a special festival event. They brought in Hekety, and everyone had a fantastic night of dancing! […]
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Flashmob Ceilidh

11am — 12pm

If you’re reading this, you’ll be one of those in the know!  A Flashmob is a surprise – and to the shoppers on the streets, it will be – but for you, this is a chance to dance at, or play in, an open air ceilidh! Join us on the Market Place at the Waterfall […]
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Wake Up Ceilidh Bop

Start your Sunday off with a dance! Join us in the Old Bell Hotel for a great ceilidh – bop… a mix of called, and some free dancing.
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