Artist: Village Folk

Village Folk are a non-profit making live music organisation specialising in the very best of Folk and Acoustic Roots music.  It was set up by a group of friends, Karen, Becks, Emma, Robin, Steve and Martin to promote and stage professional music performers whose music they love to listen to and most importantly, have experienced live in the past!

Village Folk gigs will hopefully also provide occasions from time-to-time, for helping new and young talent to become established, by offering them an opportunity to perform to a live audience and with professional artists.

They put on some fantastic gigs at the Lawns Hotel in Chellaston (on the edge of Derby), throughout the year, and we’re consistently impressed with their dedication, and professionalism, and really appreciate the support they give us.

Back with us for the third year, the Village Folk team  take over an extended Folk-Club Rooms events, putting their ethos into the festival setting in.  They’ve brought some wonderful artists to the festival, and we know they’ll be doing that again.

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