Artist: Melrose Quartet

Melrose Quartet

Nancy Kerr – James Fagan – Jess & Richard Arrowsmith

It’s been a huge three years for Melrose Quartet since their debut cd 50 verses had them nominated for Best Group at the BBC folk awards 2014. Growing a new and even richer repertoire of traditional songs and writing tracks of their own that merge seamlessly into the folk canon, they also consolidated their position as producers of some of the most sought-after dance music on the English ceilidh scene today.

Dominion is their new record. A Capella and accompanied song in their strong and inimitable style, alongside those dance-informed instrumental sets that both define and re-invigorate social dance rhythms from Britain and beyond. Bouzouki, box, two fiddles and four voices in sublime conjunction.

They will be joined at the festival by a few special friends, in what we know will be a fabulous one-off concert – “Sheffield Made

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