Artist: Dwane Reads

Dwane Reads

Hailing in from Derby and performing in different guise since 1985 (Live art, Music, which has including vocals, drumming, and a mean turn on washboard). However, it is Poetry where his passion really lies. Dwane has always taken his Poetry out and about, around the UK and Eire. He would like to say thank you to all who has supported him. Dwane is Fine Art trained. He can typeset, crate artwork and put booklets together. He is also a member of DIY poets based in Nottingham .

Published work has included: For one lost poet. (Drowning books 1986). Words of the voice (Wardrobe Company 1986). Tales from the garden became an Exhibition of Poetry & Performance 1988/89. My “BIG BET BOY” show (2013) linked into The Annoying megaphone pigeon book published by Piggyback press (2013). Slogans Soundbites and Poetry (2017) Part of the Melbourne Festival. Work has also been published in anthologies, fanzines and newspapers.

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