Artist: Dan McKinnon

Dan McKinnon

Dan McKinnon is a genuine troubadour – one man, one guitar, one voice – but oh, what a voice…

Touring with a bucket full of intelligent story songs and a smile, Dan is a thoroughly engaging performer preferring a smooth, finger-style acoustic guitar accompaniment for his thoughtful compositions and lilting melodies. He covers much of the folk spectrum, seamlessly blending contemporary with traditional, their universal themes making the past and the present come alive. “With the concentration on alt-folk, alt-country, contemporary this and nouveau that, it’s refreshing to hear an old-fashioned traditional singer-songwriter.” – Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs.

With six solo recordings to his credit, Dan McKinnon is a seasoned musician who has accumulated a wide-ranging ensemble of stage appearances: performing as a featured soloist with Symphony Nova Scotia; opening for pre-eminent folksingers such as Eric Bogle, Garnet Rogers, Archie Fisher, and Andy Irvine; as well as performances on stages at Folk Festivals and in folk clubs, throughout Atlantic Canada, the USA, Great Britain, and Southeastern Australia. “You can hear from the moment he steps out in front of an audience that he’s one of the most engaging and genuine performers on the scene.” – David Kidman, The Living Tradition.

In addition to his various appearances, several of Dan’s songs and performances have been used in television documentaries aired nationally on CBC TV, as well as the History and Discovery Channels. Among the scores of radio credits including being played on Folk Radio shows throughout Canada, the US, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand, Dan’s fifth recording, “Fields of Dreams and Glory” charted 74 consecutive weeks of international airplay. From the coffeehouses, pubs, and bars of his early beginnings, Dan McKinnon has carved out a distinct and original place in the global roots music pantheon introducing the songs and stories of the people, the tragedies, and the triumphs of his Atlantic Canadian heritage to audiences far beyond the borders of his origins.

In addition to his own repertoire of well crafted, intelligent songs, Dan also has a complete repertoire of Stan Rogers songs – Dan Sings Stan.  Not only Stan Rogers’ songs, but snippets about the the life and times of Canada’s best loved folk songwriter, who died at the tragically early age of 33.

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